Here are some of the services that Nathaniel provides:

Interactive Sessions:

Full Natal Astrology Chart Reading

By providing your date, time, and place of birth, Nathaniel generates a complete natal astrology chart that allows him to communicate the nature of your individual life's "big picture."  During this session, Nathaniel goes over your general character makeup, including a run down of your personal talents, gifts, lessons, and challenges.  Everything from one's personal approach to life, love, work, and beyond is covered in this reading.  Nathaniel also looks at current planetary transits to discuss current archetypes that may be felt expressing themselves in the more immediate present.  While all readings cover the entire scope of one's life, clients are encouraged to come with several areas of importance, or specific questions about their journey, which can be examined more thoroughly. ($150 for the full reading, which will be approximately 1.5-2 hours to reach abridged version lasting only an hour is available for $100)

Specific Focus Astrology Chart Mini-Reading

This session is most helpful for anyone who is either already familiar with their natal astrology chart, or who is not, but only wants to explore a few select life issues as opposed to going through a full overview.  With such a session, Nathaniel may look at one's natal chart and transits, a progression chart, a solar return chart, or any other pertinent charts (such as those for timing an event) for exploring the topics one would like to cover.   ($50 for the reading, which will be approximately 30 minutes to reach completion.)

Group Chart "Tour"

This is a group session, for a minimum of 4 people, that shows everyone the basics of their own personal natal chart.  While not as in-depth as a one-on-one natal chart reading, the session provides a natal chart for everyone in the group and goes over how each person's unique configuration (including the planets in their various houses and signs) is likely to express.  Time is also spent to look at the various energetic interactions between people in the group, depending on the aspects found in connection between their charts.  This session serves as a great way to introduce people to their astrological information in a manner that is light, fun, and interactive.  If the group members are already generally knowledgeable, the "tour" can be expanded to cover a more in-depth angle also.  ($30 per person for a group of 4-6, making a total of $120-$180 for at least 1.5 hour, but may go over to reach completion.  $20 per person for a group of 7 or more, making a total of $ at least 140 for at least 1.5 hour, but may go over to reach completion.)

Solar Return Astrology Chart Reading

This session is utilized to give guidance concerning the nature's of one's year, from birthday to birthday.  Like a natal chart reading, you must know your date, time, and place of birth in order to receive the most detailed analysis.  This forecast looks at every area of one's life in order to guide one about the manner in which the events of the year can be best handled and assimilated. Also, this style of chart should only really be consulted if one has had experience with their natal chart.  ($100 for the reading, which will be approximately 1 hour to reach completion.)

Relationship Astrology Reading

This reading requires the date, time, and birth information of any two parties for whom the nature of the relationship would like to be explored astrologically.  This involves looking at both a synastry chart and a composite chart to see how the influences present will present themselves to likely blend and interact.  Also, this style of chart shuld only really be consulted if both parties have had experience with their own natal chart.  ($100 for the reading, which will be appoximately 1 hour to reach completion.)

Intuitive Card Reading

This session is best when you desire a clearer idea of what's currently going on in your life.  Nathaniel interprets the nature of your present "journey" by reading the archetype symbols that come forward through cards, dice, and interpersonal communication.  This reading can focus on specific questions or be left open to the general nature of one's current situation.  ($50 for the reading, which will be at least a 1/2 hour, but may go over as needed to reach completion.)

Intuitive Consultation, Mediation, and Coaching

These sessions are designed to help guide clients towards clarity, focus, and growth in whatever way is necessary and called for by their present needs and circumstances.  Nathaniel communicates with clients about any particular challenge, goal, or situation that they would like to concentrate on, so as to coach them towards approaching it from the best manner possible that will lead to an optimally harmonious resolution.  Prior to the sessions, Nathaniel may gather and interpret various forms of archetypal data relatd to the client and their situation that may be pertinent for a clearer understanding of the dynamics involved. Following that, the communication within each session is then tailored to assist the client in whatever way is of most practically meaningful benefit for the development and advancement of their intention.  (Pricing dependent upon the nature of the work being done together, which can be discussed before committing to any particular course.)

To schedule a session, contact Nathaniel at [email protected]


Natal Astrology Chart Necklace

Have a necklace made that portrays your natal chart, with your personal planets arranged in the exact same configuration as their placement at your birth.  Each necklace is approximately 33 inches long with 359 beads plus the clasp.  Sizes of the beads differ to correlate with the different sizes of the planets.  The colors are largely chosen to reflect traditional associations for the planets, with a Qabalistic influence, although some exceptions are made in accord with other considerations.  
-All small "seed" spacing stones are tiny quartz crystals. 
-The angles (Ascendent, Midheaven, Descendent, and Nadir) are larger quartz crystals.
-The nodes are small labradorite cubes.
-The Sun is yellow aventurine. 
-The Moon is white coral. 
-Mercury is orange fire agate. 
-Venus is green malachite. 
-Mars is red jasper. 
-Jupiter is royal blue lapis lazuli.
-Saturn is black onyx. 
-Chiron is tarnished gold, angular pyrite. 
-Uranus is magenta and gray rhodonite. 
-Neptune is light blue aquamarine. 
-Pluto is purple amethyst.

Each necklace is a custom piece, so time must be allowed for it's creation, and your birth information (day, time, and place of birth) is needed (although this can be done without the time too really).  ($200 for each necklace, or pair a necklace with a natal chart reading for only $300.)


Natal Astrology Chart Painting

Have a painting done that portrays your natal chart, with your personal planets, signs, houses, and aspects all visualized in a work of art.  Each painting also includes a symbolic representation of your solar sign, or an image of your choice, to adorn the center. Each painting is a custom piece, so time must be allowed for its creation, and your birth information (day, time, and place of birth) is needed (although an altered version is posible without the time). ($200 for each painting, or pair a painting with a natal chart reading for only $300.)


Sun/Moon Coin

These coins are fused so that one side is a silver color (using sterling silver) in representation of the Moon, and the other is a gold color (using nu-brass, or "Merlin's gold") in representation of the Sun.  The side with the Moon is constructed with more rounded (feminine) lines, and it portrays the 28 phases of a lunar cycle around the Moon's face.  The side with the Sun is constructed with more straight (masculine) lines, and it portrays the 12 signs of the zodiac through which the Sun and other heavely bodies move.  The size of the coins will be about 1.5 inches in diameter.  The coins can be flipped for a quick and fun yin or yang response, displayed as art, or worked into a piece of jewelry.  (The picture is only the prototype at present.  These are not currently for sale, but they will be soon.  Contact Nathaniel if interested in reserving one.  The projected price per coin is expected to be around 80$.)


"Elemental Drops" Statuettes

Each set contains earth, air, fire, and water "drops" that can be placed wherever you'd like a "splash" of a certain element, or all four can be displayed together as a complete collection.  Each individual drop is colored and shaped so as to express something about the qualities and associations inherent to each of the 4 elements. ($10 for a set)

To purchase a product, contact Nathaniel at [email protected]