Psychic Menstruation and Spiritual Warfare

I was recently reflecting on a “service” I’ve realized that I almost subconsciously seem offer to others, and it got me thinking about the phenomenon from a metaphorically symbolic standpoint, which then continued to expand and elaborate. Allow me to try and articulate the gist of it…

For whatever reason, women in general (although older women more specifically) tend to find their way to talking to me at length. They tend to tell me much more than they might elucidate to others. I can immediately sense a correlation to this and the closeness of my own relationship to my mother. We’ve always been quite close, and I can safely say that we have no secrets between us that I know of. (To the extent that any exist, they would be hidden unto ourselves as well…) While having someone listen can be therapeutic in general, I’ve also started to recognize an additional connection; I’ve also been prone to attract psychic women that pour their inner contents out unto me. As I’ve mulled over this, I’ve tried to examine the logistics of what may be occurring at a deeper level…

In general, people feel better when they can talk to someone about their issues. However, if the person listening is also making judgment calls in response to what’s heard, as opposed to simply affirming an understanding, the exchange becomes a back and forth dialogue, where both parties are mentally active. To contrast, when one party is allowed to flow while the other simply holds the space to allow it, without attaching to the content, the receiver acts as a filter that then provides an opportunity for whatever material has been held to strain out and release as best able. That is the base of this aspect of my involvement it would seem. I am capable of hearing and remaining open to a wide range of eclectic and unusual experiences, so I do not discount or restrict the validity of anything that’s shared. Therefore, unique people feel safe with bringing forward unusual experiences, and I simply let them pour through. I suspect that by emptying themselves in this way, the women are able to move forward after such a purge with more space and capacity to take on additional “water” as their own service requires.

Now, while I am noticing this to be a phenomenon observed mainly via women, such does not mean it must be limited to those of the female gender only though. Still, in some manner, it IS inherently a yin, Feminine polarity that partakes of this arrangement. As such, I’ve come to see it as a form of “psychic menstruation,” where whatever has built up along the “walls” of the psyche is given a chance to “bleed” so that things can then regenerate. With people that are themselves dealing with a lot of emotional content from others (like psychics, mediums, social workers, etc.), it would seem as though they “take in” and “hold” a lot more than the average person, and their “content” isn't always as easy to find a safe outlet for. Hence, someone like myself, without the same judgments as others, comes in rather handy.

Considering all this has made me question what the equivalent yang, Masculine expression might be also. The symbolism of blood and bleeding triggered my speculation—fighting. Men are more apt to bleed from battle scars externally, just as women tend towards bleeding from within internally. For women, the build-up and release is somewhat cyclic and unavoidable, and while one could argue that men can choose not to fight, a build-up of aggressions and frustrations might could be observed to cyclically occur with men in regularity too. Regardless, men seems to release blood through external wounds, often at the hands of others, although impulsive recklessness, risk-taking, and daredevil maneuvers can also initiate their opening. In any case, while it seems as though “bleeding” for the Feminine comes about as an opportunity being offered for the usually receptive energy to actively discharge, for the typically active, Masculine energy, “bleeding” occurs when it is passively succumbed to via some sort of miscalculated instability or overreaching.

We could likewise equate that the Feminine’s internal harmony has reached a point of instability, as it then exists, when drainage is necessary. In similar fashion then, when the Masculine’s external pompousness builds to an overflowing extent, some act of machismo is then employed, which results in whatever degree of “cuts” and “scratches” are necessary to humble the ego. I would even speculate that, just as the symbolism of the genitalia suggests, the Masculine “fall” occurs once the ego is erected to too high and full a point of hubris, while the Feminine “purge” occurs like the SEASON of fall, as one part of a circular cycle, then evenly makes its round.

While Masculine bloodletting can occur on one’s own, via an “accident” (when Nature, or the universe at large, is then the perpetrator), I’d also like to explore cases where the blood flows via the hands of another. (In both case though, it’s interesting to note that the cause is still external.) Masculine competition to establish dominance is a fairly common theme, and in such scenarios, the victor is realized to have asserted itself over the other, then considered weaker, party. Therefore, when a “battle” ensues, it could be assumed that the one that is Truly less righteous is then the one that falls. Whoever that may be, were their ego not so bloated out of proportion, they may have understood the futility of their engagement and not entered into battle in the first place. However, sometimes both parties may walk away wounded, as righteousness is not always a clear-cut absolute, and the act of fighting would likely indicate that humbling is needed for both sides to some extent. As such, by “fighting it out,” both parties are actually helping the other to refresh their stance, even while it’s painful. Feminine menstruation is often prone to cramps and such that hurt as well, so there’s something inherent to regeneration that implies a certain amount of pain to the experience.

The “warfare” between Masculine energies need not always be physical either, just as the menstruation I focused on with the Feminine was more of a psychic nature. In similar fashion, the Masculine energies may duke it out with words, psychology, and the swords of intellect. One’s ideas are pitted against the others’, with penetration occurring wherever weak chinks in the armor are to be found. Furthermore, just as the Feminine may seek assistance from some equally receptive energy, the Masculine may gravitate towards an energy that is equally as active and “full of itself” to match and mirror its own need for discharging grandiosity through some dissipative exhaustion. As such, any battle helps to point out areas where more attention and awareness may be due, and so it may ultimately be beneficial to spar in such a manner, with a goal of regeneration latent behind any other more ego-based motivations.

The core theme of regeneration is quite Plutonic in and of itself, while referencing Scorpio as well. The other ruling planet, Mars, also suggests both battle, inflammation, and blood also. The sign is that of death and purging too, and an amalgam of these themes can be observed to come through for both the Feminine and Masculine. Whether the “weeds” of the “garden” have grown up to be overly rampant from the inside or the outside, "pruning" becomes necessary at some juncture either way. Evolutionary necessity requires pressurized stagnancy to flush, and some sort of pronounced upheaval seems to correlate with such purge. Of course, the metaphors inherent to the “battle” of sexual intercourse (also territory of Scorpio/Pluto) could also be seen as relevant for all this too, as the core Mystery to all duality’s exchange is made tangibly and symbolically apparent through that timeless act.

Personally, while I initially recognized my role as the maestro of midwifing menstruation for the ladies, I can definitely also relate to “warring” with others in certain (nonphysical) respects, in tune with the Masculine modus operandi, when I challenge various beliefs and ideas that others hold dear. Sometimes a sharpened mind may be focused towards dismantling an adversarial opinion, and the “damage” done to one or another’s perspective provides the release that allows new skin to grow and more due diligence with one’s approach to be cultivated. Every “battle” is a lesson in this way.

Overall, the whole perceptive may be subjective, according to how its orchestration is speculated to be purposed, but an incubation of its potential symbolism certainly makes a contemplation of the undercurrents to less tangible exchanges more interesting to consider…