Purpose and Meaning

The distinction between “purpose” and “meaning” has recently been called into question, and through the contemplation of this comparison, much insight has been found embedded within the connective channel of exchange between these two interwoven concepts. While they share general themes in relation, certain nuances showcase different dimensions, and these diverging angles can be metaphysically analyzed to metaphorically translate in ways that highlight the behavioral variances to how these words are designed and can be applied.

Reflections Upon a Mirror

My mind’s been swimming around the concept of a “mirror” today, with all its various connotations and associations, and I’ve been loving it--All the Way! The symbolism woven into its substance, function, and archetype is reflectively revealing through its concentrated contemplation….

7 Densities of Consciousness, Light/Dark Polarity, and Astrology/Qabalah Connections

New "video article" up on Youtube at In this video, I attempt to summarize many of the key components I've explored concerning metaphysical topics such as: the 7 densities of consciousness, the light/dark polarity encapsulated by a "Service to Others" (S.T.O.) and "Service to Self" differentiation, and some connections to these concepts that can be found in the "operating systems" of Qabalah and Astrology.

Swollen Karma and Uncomfortable Findings

The “physics” behind karma continues to fascinate me, while simultaneously trending towards liberation through the art of its contemplation. It would seem that all the elasticity of “time” is synonymous with the functioning of karma, and how everything is held perfectly cradled in the NOW, despite being an “echo” of the past “waving” into the future. The experiences we walk through are each transmuted by our perspective, which is also the result of everything held onto from the past balancing with what we’re moving towards and making space for in the future.

Royal Courting

A recent contemplation has “re-surfaced” for exploration in consideration of relationships and the various levels/dimensions on which they can be founded. There are far too many for any one article to go into, so the distinction to particularly examine is that between a “common” relationship and one that exhibits qualities of being a “courtly” relationship.

The "Head" and the "Heart"

These two “domains” (head and heart) get a lot of attention in general, but they are especially ripe for consideration in a metaphysical context. The connotations run much further than simply thinking and feeling. Unfortunately, there is often some misconception about the nature of each, inclusive of their metaphoric spectrum, and some descriptions can even paint the picture of each being competitively at odds with the other, with one being inherently “better” or “worse.” That simply is not so.