7 Densities of Consciousness, Light/Dark Polarity, and Astrology/Qabalah Connections

New "video article" up on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrPubD8Wdw0 In this video, I attempt to summarize many of the key components I've explored concerning metaphysical topics such as: the 7 densities of consciousness, the light/dark polarity encapsulated by a "Service to Others" (S.T.O.) and "Service to Self" differentiation, and some connections to these concepts that can be found in the "operating systems" of Qabalah and Astrology. I'm sure there are places were I "miss the mark" with one detail or another perhaps, or could have articulated something better/further. However, I am not trying to be the "authority" about all this; I just want to share from the perspective of my own current understanding/exploration, and I'd LOVE to further "unpack" these concepts with others that are similarly oriented. This is just a "raw" attempt of me to get the knowledge I've been compiling synthesized for others to receive. I hope it sparks something awake in whoever views it :)