50 Shades of AtONEment: “It’s time to meet your Master!”

As we move from the age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, one grand stage of activity culminates to make way for the next. As such, the relationship between Pisces and its polarity point of Virgo has been calling for deeper consideration, as those dynamics are craving to be understood while their collective dance works to a close for the next dance to begin.

Body Image as “I” in Form: “Let’s Get Physical!”

Last night at the gym, I had some physical (body-image) revelations inspired by archetypes...First off, for anyone that didn't know me "back when," I used to be a pretty "pudgy" person...or just fat maybe to lose the euphemisms ;P~ Anyways, once I started "getting" nutrition, some of that started to adjust enough for my systems and body to regulate into a more "average" appearance and get comfortable with more physical expression.

New Classes and Events!

The first of my four Elemental Exploration classes will take off this upcoming Sunday! I'm also looking forward to participating at the One Tribe Fest in Raleigh this November. Come join in the fun!

Starting Up

Following the success of my Elementary Metaphysics classes, I'm very excited to be getting my website up and going! :)