To get a feel for how you, or someone else, relates to others interpersonally, consideration of their Mars and Venus planetary placements are important. These two planets respectively emphasize our personal drive and tastes for ourselves and when dealing with others, as well as how those complementary dynamics interact. I've gone ahead and run through some generalities present for Mars or Venus in a certain element and sign’s energy. Also consider what house the planets are in, as the sign associated with that house will also flavor the energy.

The Elemental Process

The nature of the four elements (earth, air, water, and fire) is endlessly fascinating when observed from the standpoint of a cycling process. Broken down into active/yang elements (fire and air) and passive/yin elements (water and earth), it becomes possible to view an elemental “breathing” pattern as energy moves in and out in a natural rhythm.

"Boiled into Softening"

Can I just be astrologically superficial for a moment and say that I’m kinda ready for Mars to go ahead and get out of Gemini? LOL…I KNOW there’s no such things as a “bad” placement, and Mars in Gemini has a lot of useful energy to offer, especially for learning new things, writing, communicating, etc….but it also implies communicative arguments, confrontations, battles of will, or stubbornly adhered to ideas and opinion that can selfishly lead to problems….It’s still right at the sun pretty much too, so it’s even more ego-charged with more potential to become individually inflaming!

Love Through the Signs

In consideration of a book I’ve read on the four elements as they apply to astrology and psychology, I started considering the various ways that certain zodiac sign energies are apt to express their love. Let me start by reiterating the basics of how a certain element (earth, air, fire, or water) is likely to express love/affection in general, and then I’ll briefly zone in on the specific signs.

Any way you like it, it's simply to SCRY for!

I got it! Astrology definitely has a practical use as a tool for self-understanding, as one’s natal birth chart provides a lot of information pertaining to one’s life circumstances, psychology, desires, and unfolding through consideration of the “flash frozen” moment in time when we drew our first breath. In addition though, the energies represented by the signs, planets, and houses are continually in motion. That’s why we can also use such information to “look into” different time periods of one’s life, like the upcoming month, year, etc.

Existential Pain and "Healing on a Stage"

Today has called for me to share something rather personal, that I’m curious to know if anyone else out there experiences and might be brave enough to verify. Does anyone else out there ever find that something moves them into a state of existential tears over something that seems akin to “collective suffering?” Not often, but from time to time, something wells up from within that seems to touch some sort of transpersonal/collective vein, and I end up crying over something that doesn’t directly have anything to do to me, and it’s a rather complex matter to get at the “root” of it.