"Karmic Credit Accounts"

Some fun (perhaps speculative) perspectives have been weaving themselves together for me involving the varied discrepancies observable across the spectrum of life as experienced by different individuals. It certainly seems that there are some areas where a person excels, and others on which they must work, and those areas are different across the board.

"Magick for Who?"--Occult Scorpio Lessons

Found myself giving Scorpio some consideration time today, with a focus on its occult connections to all things involving the secrets and rituals related to “magick.” First of all, I’m NOT a witch/wizard/magician per se, and make no claims to be. I also do not typically engage in any magical spell casting and the like. At the same time, the definition of “causing the world around to conform with will” leaves it pretty open for EVERYTHING to be a magical act, and in certain ways, everything is. It could be argued that, generally speaking, we’re all engaged in magic constantly.

Cosmic Emancipation

(Disclaimer: not everything has been tidily edited in this morning meandering...I just wanted to get some of these ideas "spit out." There may be areas of my speculation that could use further illustration or explanation, so feel free to ask questions or make comments that could round things out ;) )

"Promising Contracts"

I am loving something about the idea of “contracts” and “promises” after “wandering" through the song "Promises" by NERO this morning…Unless you’re a lawyer, those concepts might seem super dry without a different lens of interpretation. Imagine there is a “spiritual/non-physical equivalent” to the process that our society’s lawyers actually engage in for earthly matters, as there seems to be such a metaphoric equivalent for ALL jobs/roles we “imitate” in form. What could such a role “boil down” to then?

INside OUT

“Picture this (philosophically paradoxical pondering) if you will…”

Traditionally, (amidst many more associations/connotations) the Sun is a Masculine symbol that actively projects itself to expressively radiate itself on outward display. The Moon is a Feminine symbol that is passively impressed by a stimulus that is received, digested, assimilated, and reflected upon within.

As such, the Sun also represents what something “WANTS” (to project for recognized expression), and the Moon also represents what something “NEEDS” (to receive to feel FULL-filled).

The Anatomy of a "Reading"

Recently, some contemplation has led to a “shift” in perspective concerning what the phenomenon of “reading” (a person, a place, a situation) entails. This new “lens” has given a fresh angle for me to try and describe a process that ALL of life utilizes in various respects, which we then partake of in a special way through the uniqueness of our human individuality. While there may be more “barriers” to the allowance of such “reading” and “exchange” in some people, the “nuts and bolts” of things remains essentially the same in a general way.

Working with the True Elasticity of Time

As “daylight saving time” has come to a close, meditations about the nature of time have raised some interesting perspectives to the surface of my consideration. Clearly, from the abounding opinions that wash up on the shore of the internet, I am NOT the only one that feels a bit “grumbly” about the yearly dance of “taking an hour” and “giving an hour” for some prescribed purpose. Many people question, “Why can’t we just leave it all alone?” Beyond daylight saving time, we also have that unusual 366th day every “leap year”…Why?