Swollen Karma and Uncomfortable Findings

The “physics” behind karma continues to fascinate me, while simultaneously trending towards liberation through the art of its contemplation. It would seem that all the elasticity of “time” is synonymous with the functioning of karma, and how everything is held perfectly cradled in the NOW, despite being an “echo” of the past “waving” into the future. The experiences we walk through are each transmuted by our perspective, which is also the result of everything held onto from the past balancing with what we’re moving towards and making space for in the future.

At the foundation, there seems to be a pretty impeccable “system” that keeps “record” of our “trail,” and without focusing the will upon some shift, events and “accounts” tend to cycle around like “clockwork” while any necessary adjustments are presented for consolidation. Hence, a general “echo” of life’s affairs swing around in “seasons”, with similar “milestones” along the way. The same happens throughout an individual lifetime. Of course, to the degree we are able to exert our will with increasing power as the result of our proper education and accompanying integrity, the cycle “elevates” to a more refined “rung” of the spiral while the same “seasons” Passover with differing dimensions of expression.

However, along the way, any “transgressions” leading to “damages” facilitated or sustained must be rectified either by the “backswing” of an equal “eye for an eye” or by “forgiving” (also meant as in to generously give before needing or receiving “repayment”) the “debt” through an act of “atonement” (atONEment—the ceasing of separative schisms in favor of a unified perspective). When the first option is employed, the “tit for tat” retribution keeps the same “groove” wearing into the cycle, setting up situations where the same “drama” plays out back and forth with little variance as both “sides” pass around their self-righteousness. With the second option, the “forgiveness” of loving and extending oneself in offering to another (or simply refraining from injecting precipitated agitation that could eventually form into “condensation”) instead of “holding back” in anxious expectancy of what can be “taken back” (or braced in defense of some due wound to be “taken”/sustained while we “take back” what we have done [to/as] ourselves), allows all “debts” to be cancelled. And in this analogy, “back” is also referential to the past, and how this mechanical reenactment resurrects the “old” memories for the same actions to take place “again,” while they continue to be clung to. Again, one manner of handling our “heavier” karma along the way continues to perpetuate itself through a darkly obscured, and rather ritualized compulsion, while the other is a spontaneous liberation from the weight of such burdens, due to an enLIGHTened perspective that assesses all together as one whole instead of two dueling/dual-ing sides.

It’s important to keep clear that while one modality may seem more “positive” and one more “negative,” one is not more inherently “right” with the other being more “wrong.” Both present valid, while differentiated and differently initiated, paths of learning, yet they both curve and trend towards greater embodiment of the same One Truth, which expressing as greater and more expansive expressions of Love. In this “dance,” a certain degree of the “regular rounds” of unconscious autopilot (representative of the “payments” and “repayments” made out of “habit”) “scripts” some degree of “fated friction” that pushes against, with contrast, what would otherwise be an instant jolt of quickened enlightening, without any “obstructions” to bend around. However, too much of that can slow things down into a monotonous grind that becomes totally unoriginal, non-innovative, repetitive, and grinding. It’s “hard work” to keep perpetuating the same memorized motions in spaces confined to accumulated friction, without opening up more space/room to allow greater range of expression and experience. Eventually, along such a “route/root,” things usually “crack” so that life is given more room to breathe with some fresh, albeit sometimes “forced,” perspective. On the other end of the spectrum, any consciously proactive move made in offering without “strings attached,” and any “fault” found from “damage” sustained that can be endured without retributive retaliation (also meant as in to re-tally, or tally the “score” again, in favor once more of oneself by “getting even”), allows the condensed energy/memory, which has been held, contained , and meticulously measured and controlled throughout time, to be dissolved in so far as it’s seen in terms of the lessons learned instead of the pain caused. ALL energy is inherently composed of Love/Truth, and so we each inevitably must come to that conclusion, regardless of how long we are able to “hold out” in disbelief.

With that in mind, the focus of will can be applied to expedite our eventual clarity, in one manner or another. Overall, time has a way of churning out whatever “assignment” is best ready to be tackled, presenting the opportunity for the karma to be cleared, either by elimination and transformation, or by reiterated repetition that “resets” the “clock” for another “round,” with another opportunity for the “shoe” to be walked in on the other “foot” for s while. Sometimes, one may also “rush” things along by deliberately pushing things to “pop,” resulting in the premature condensing into form of some such karmic effect, ultimately serving to jolt and shock one awake through the disturbance activated. Such an approach can become hard, as heavy karma may “land” in loads that can seem daunting to climb out from under, then serving to slow one down enough to stop, drop, and heal before moving forward again. Letting things unfold in their due order and time, as “rolled out” naturally, allows one a better chance at dealing with matters one at a time so as to find the best way of handling things with a clear mind, unstressed by unnecessary upheavals. Through a mind that’s unclouded with erratic impulse, disciplined to discern right thought, right motive, and right action, one is able to “dissolve” karma (instead of agitating it to “pop”) through acts of forgiveness and atonement that clear and evaporate any necessity for external materialization as the internal lesson is more lightly processed for the same thorough understanding and wisdom. While it could be possible for one to clear out a bulk of, or all, karma at once through some grand encompassment of forgiveness (think Jesus Christ or Christ Conscious “magic”), it is much easier to navigate one piece/peace at a time, in the order presented by existential circumstance.

Forgiveness really does seem to be the ultimate magical act, born out of a fundamentally existent Truth of unconditional Love. In such an act, any “us vs. them” mentality of duality is transcended in favor of realized unity. It is being in that timeless “now,” unchained to any past and without trepidation of any future, that allows “miracles” to occur, without getting “stuck” in the sticky and fluctuating tides of what would otherwise vacillate back and forth ad infinitum. In such a perfect state, there are no reservations that “hold back” the “glory” of the “kingdom of God.”

In theory, this concept required to progress seems rather simple, but in action, it is often met with complication, excuse, ignorance, doubt, denial, etc. To embrace Love is such a total way requires the “death” of some smaller self-righteous part of our identity, which must be willing to “sacrifice” itself for the greater good. Until such a time, reluctance and hesitance, consciously or unconsciously, cloud the path and slow the progress.

Of course, while Love continues to animate all acts of Will, it is rather obvious that some acts seem devoid of love, at least for our limited perspective. Therefore, part of the work that “grooms” us for the “bride” of unconditional Love is to increasingly learn to look at those things which seem “ugly” or “bad” or “wrong” without fear and hatred, but with expanded understanding and compassion. In so doing, things that may have once seemed terrible or tragic can be laughed away or embraced as the ephemerally passing illusions that they are, along the way to something beautiful and true. However, any time we “point the finger” and “blame the other,” we believe in and preach/teach a message that has no merit, and it only keeps us further from the goal.

As such, I’d like to present some ideologies that have “floated across” and have made me question the extent to which one may “measure up” to “divine standards.” However, for any increment that one may feel themselves to be “missing the mark,” there is always opportunity to “climb to a new place now.” Of course, all of these should be "taken with a grain of salt," in that none of them should espoused without healthy skepticism, as their speculation could be source to errors of incompletion. Of course, they're being presented because they've been consistently pondered as potentially true at their root, despite any exceptions that could be well-founded. Anyways, consider trying these stumbling blocks on for size to see how and where they may or may not fit in your life, but don’t get too uncomfortably angsty if anything rubs you the wrong way. Take whatever and leave whatever….Whatever doesn’t mind ;)

1. We do NOT always need to “get out of our head.”

In fact, the mental plane is “higher” than the astral/emotional plane, and we DO need to know how to think, discriminate, and discern to spiritually advance beyond a point at which we may just enchantingly succumb to all within the glamorous mist of astral feelings and impressions.

2. Love will get you far, but “love is not enough.”

It may even keep you “saved by grace,” but such a mystically meditative path will eventually reach a “glass ceiling.” Eventually, the path of the occultist is required for one to question, investigate, and KNOW Truth rather than just simply love it, be it, and demonstrate it as Truth’s expression. There’s a distinction, and if you want to keep on ascending, it may be important to note.

3. Not all dabbling in mediumship is healthy.

In fact, some of it can be rather dangerous. There is a distinction that not many people have even heard between a medium and a mediator. A medium is one that is involved with “lower psychism” and simply gets and transmits impressions as they feel and hear stuff “behind the veil,” but they’re totally open to whatever wants to be seen/heard at the astral level, and in some cases, they may even “trance out” of themselves completely. It is “negative,” automatic, and uncontrolled. A mediator is involved with “higher psychism” and can get messages too, but they stay IN themselves the entire time, and practice a level of mental discernment and discrimination as to “who/what” is communicating and the quality/service of the message. They quite literally “go between” this side and the other side, while ever remaining present. It is “positive,” intelligently applied, and controlled.

More on this can be found at: http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/gdpmanu/psychic/psyc-1.htm#mediator

4. Darkness is not something to be antagonistically viewed and “fought,” nor is it to be “swept under the rug.”

Night and Day. Yin and Yang. It’s all one dance. Anyone that is too exclusively “all about” the light without acknowledging or working with their own “dark side” is going to have some blind spots. While there may indeed be a clearly “brighter” and more preferable side of the coin when these two are considered, both sides still need to BE considered. Ironically, any “disputes” between the two would seem to be null and void when duality is risen above also. Not trying to blur the line of right and wrong into a gray area, as I do find there to be a rather objective Truth to such, but darkness is NOT always bad; it’s just dark.

5. All magic done from a position of selfish ambition is black magic.

Any spells, rituals, etc. done to get yourself more money, new love, a better job, etc. would fall into the “black magic” category. Even regular ole solely selfish “normal” behavior will have that same flavor to it. For something to be “pure” and “white magic,” it needs to be concerned with the good of the whole, of which one IS also a part, but not the be-all end-all. Doing something to feed personal desire to the exclusion of the needs of the larger collective is essentially working AGAINST the larger collective. Don’t beat yourself up too bad though. I’d wager that most people (even those that have come to perceive this) are falling short until they don’t. We’re all collectively learning to operate from less of a “me first” place to one that takes the big picture into account.

6. Carnal sex and meat-eating isn’t “good” for you.

Karma is needlessly perpetuated in such participation. Sex for selfishly sensual satiation, without the best interest of the other in mind, becomes a back and forth “power battle” that struggles for an impossible release because the desires inherent are simply passed back and forth instead of coming from a place of already being known as merged. As such, premature acts of sex, performed in ignorantly instinctual infatuation and without higher joint purpose, are often ones that bind us to others, and difficult karma, without full realization at the time. Likewise, killing another thing to survive is ultimately one-sided and without equal consideration of the life that’s taken. It is also unnecessary, as life offers sustenance to survive that does not require one thing to die for another to live. While nature does showcase “survival of the fittest,” the truly fit wield their power with love, and increasingly, less and less harm is actuated for routine necessity.

There’s something about these tenets, whether one agrees or disagrees with them, which can make one uncomfortable just from their consideration. Obviously, in their consideration, most everyone would have to “plea bargain” to some form of “evil” that’s been indulged in their lifetime. (Ever killed a mosquito?...) However, while all these “trends” go out of “fashion,” it’s important not to place blame, guilt, or shame on anyone who engages them; pointing a finger would probably lead to three pointing back at oneself anyways. For instance, it would seem silly to condemn and “burn at the stake” anyone who’s having a chicken sandwich, but we’ve done just that in the past over practicing magic, sexuality, etc. We even understand (now more than before) that the “addict” (and while such title often refers to drugs, it would apply across any “substance”) is in need of proper education and rehabilitation to change their ways, and it would be without merit to try and “beat” them into submitting to what’s “best” for them. As such, we all must find our way out of the haze of illusionary maya in our own manner at our own time, without some external authority trying to control us “for our own good.” Such an approach only “winds up” tension and polarizes those being “helped” against a direction that could really be beneficial…but only if/when reached and decided of their own free will. Chastising ourselves for not being further along only retards our progress further and keeps the same old traumas actively rolling down over us.

If we hold the light of our mind upon the goal, ever ready to pick up where we last left off and proceed in closer pursuit, then eventually we will find that old, outdated layers of our beliefs and behaviors will shed when and as they’re ready, which is likely the best target to be aimed for ;)